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Produkty / BIOMYC-1 Antibiotic Solution 100ml, 100x conc

BIOMYC-1 Antibiotic Solution 100ml, 100x conc

Nr kat. 03-036-1B
Stężony 100x specjalnie opracowany roztwór antybiotyków (tiamutin)do zwalczania mycoplazmy w hodowli komórkowej

Producent: Biological Industries

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Wielkość opakowania: 100 ml

BIOMYC-1 is based on the antibiotic tiamutin, which is produced by the fungus pleurotus mutilus. BIOMYC-2 is based on minocycline, which is a tetracycline derivative. These two antibiotic solutions are generally used sequentially in combination.
The contamination of cells with mycoplasma is a very common problem, even though it often goes unnoticed since no cloudiness appears in the cell culture. Nevertheless the contamination often causes biochemical changes as well as changes in the immunological properties of the cells. Since mycoplasma-infected cells cannot always be discarded, many complicated methods have been suggested for the elimination of the mycoplasma.
Biological Industries is now offering a combination of antibiotics, which have been shown to be effective in the elimination of mycoplasma species that account for 90% of the contamination found in cell cultures. When used according to the following instructions, no cytotoxic effects will occur.
1. Do not use the two solutions together, but rather sequentially.
2. Add 1ml BIOMYC-1 to 100ml medium, and maintain the contaminated cells in this mixture for 4 days. Any fresh medium added should also contain BIOMYC-1.
3. After 4 days, add 1ml BIOMYC-2 to 100ml fresh medium, and maintain the cells in this second mixture for 3 days.
4. The above, together, are considered as one treatment cycle. It may be necessary to repeat this cycle 2-3 times.
5. During the process, the cells can be tested for mycoplasma contamination, and results can then be used to shorten the process when possible.

Produkt dostepny także w wielkości opakowania na 20 i 100ml.

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