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Produkty / DiGeorge/ VCFS Region Probe (Tuple1)

DiGeorge/ VCFS Region Probe (Tuple1)

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Producent: ABBOTT / VYSIS

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LSI DiGeorge/VCFS Region Probe
(LSI TUPLE 1 SpectrumOrange/ARSA (22q13.3)SpectrumGreen Control Probe)
The LSI DiGeorge/VCFS Region Probe may be used to identify deletions ofband 22q11.2 found in DiGeorge and velocardiofacial (VCFS) syndromes.Deletions of 22q11.2 are commonly referred to as the CATCH-22 regionbecause of their association with syndromes of various phenotypes.The Vysis LSI DiGeorge/VCFS Region Dual Color Probe is a two colorprobe mixture that contains the SpectrumOrange TUPLE 1 (HIRA) probe (3'non-coding region of TUPLE 1, D22S553, D22S609 and D22S942) and theSpectrumGreen LSI ARSA (Arylsulfatase A) gene control probe that mapsvery close to the telomeric end of 22q at 22q13.3. The 110 kb TUPLE 1 probedoes not contain the more telomeric loci D22S941 and D22S943. It is notknown if the TUPLE 1 probe contains the gene DVL22.
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