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Doskonały hybrydyzator do badań techniką FISH - Thermobrite

Producent: ABBOTT / VYSIS

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The ThermoBrite™ is a programmable system for automating the denaturation and hybridization steps in slide-based FISH procedures. It provides walk-away convenience for clinical and research personnel. The instrument accepts a wide range of sample types, is easy to use, and reduces hands-on time by more than 50% while ensuring overall precision and accuracy.
Hands-free denaturation and hybridization for in-situ DNA probe proceduresThe ThermoBrite™ System holds up to 12 slides. The lid seals tightly when closed, providingoptimal chamber temperature and humidity. The system maintains uniform temperatureacross all slide positions ±1°C. Slides can be easily added or removed with onehand. The numeric keypad allows for easy programming with 40 user defined protocol settingsand 3 modes of operation: Denaturation/Hybridization, Hybridization only, and FixedTemperature.

- Reduces hands-on time by combining steps
- Secures slide placement
- Functions with partially or fully loaded slides
- Increases labor savings
- Supports a wide range of sample types

Provides user programmable settings
- 5 pre-programmed userlanguages
- 40 user defined protocols and 3 operating modes
- Easy to read backlit display
- Easy to program keypad
- Fixed temperature feature.

Delivers more stringent temperature control
- Rapid temperature ramp-up from 37– 95°C in 2 minutes
- Cooling from 95 – 37°C in 5 minutes
- Superior temperature uniformity
- Optimal humidity control.

System Specification:
- Capacity: 12 slides
- Programs: Up to 40 user defined protocols

Modes of Operation: 1. Denaturation/Hybridization, 2. Hybridization only, 3. Fixed Temperature
- Temperature Control: Programmable 30

hybrydyzator FISHhybrydyzator FISH

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