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Produkty / Probówki 15 ml - 30 sztuk w żółtym statywie, TPP

Probówki 15 ml - 30 sztuk w żółtym statywie, TPP

Nr kat. 91515

Rack with 30 Tubes 15ml
30 probówek wirowniczych 15ml stożkowych w statywie PP
Pakowane pojedynczo ( 30 probówek w statywie, sterylne)

Producent: TPP

57.20 zł
70.36 zł (z 23% VAT)
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The white inscription circles are fixed permanently to the cap while marking can be made by using a standard ball-point or pencil. The corresponding screw cap cannot be over-tightened but gives a gas-tight closure.
The excellent rotational trueness of the tip of the conical centrifuge tubes resists the high stress that is applied to the tip during a centrifuge operation. The volume scale of the conical centrifuge tubes starts at 0.1 ml or 0.5 ml.
The high-grade PP material as well as the PE bags fulfil the medical directives (93/42) / USP 6. The tubes are produced on fully automated production lines, free of any human contact. We are the leading supplier of high grade tubes for tissue culture we offer the best possible material, standard design and a guaranteed endotoxin level of < 0.06 EU / ml.
Identification marking on the screw caps means that specimens can be rapidly found – even when in full racks.
Guidelines assist easy identification marking on the white inscription field.
The fine graduation markings on the cone or base zone (0.1 ml and 0.5 ml) is a valuable feature when measuring smaller volumes..

Strona producenta, na której dostępne są dalsze informacje oraz katalog w pdf do ściągnięcia:

Wszystkie produkty są jałowe, sterylizowane promieniami gamma. Są wolne od pirogenów, RNA DNA, RNaz, DNaz. Stężenie endotoksyn jest minimalne, zdefiniowane.


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