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Quick Stain - barwienie nasienia

Nr kat. 01-939-1U
Wielkość opakowania: 3 ml- wystarczająca na 200 preparatów.
Quick Stain. 
Doskonała mieszanina barwników do barwienia nasienia do oceny jego morfologii.

Producent: Biological Industries

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Quick Stain is an in vitro diagnostic rapid test for spermatozoa staining and morphology assessment. It also permits classification of round cells in semen - mainly immature germ cells and leucocytes. Excessive numbers of leucocytes may be associated with infection and poor sperm quality.

With Quick Stain, nuclei are stained dark purple while acrosome, tail and other cell structures have different shades of violet.
Storage and stabilityThe stain solution bottle should be kept tightly closed.Quick Stain should be protected from light and stored at 2-8oC.

Slide preparation
1. Leave the Quick Stain solution at room temperature for 10 minutes before use.
2. Use a clean slide on a working area covered with blotting-paper.
3. Slowly pipette 15 microliters Quick Stain solution onto the slide starting about 1 cm. from edge and along the slide from left to right. Use a second slide to slowly drag the stain back and forth in one continuous movement.
4. Up to 3 slides may be prepared simultaneously.
5. The prepared slides may be stored protected from light in a cool dry place for at least one month.

Staining procedure
1. Allow the semen to liquefy at room temperature.
2. Pipette 6 microliters of a well-mixed semen specimen directly to the center of a clean cover glass.
3. Place a prepared slide on the cover glass. Gently press the slide down to obtain a very thin uniform smear.
4. Microscopic evaluation should be performed 5 minutes to 3 hours after staining.
5. Examine slides under oil immersion, using a 100x objective. Count cells from areas of slide where nuclei are stained dark purple.

Quick Stain - barwienie nasienia, 01-939-1UQuick Stain - barwienie nasienia, 01-939-1U
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