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Produkty / Trypan Blue Solution 5mg/l, 100 ml

Trypan Blue Solution 5mg/l, 100 ml

Nr kat. 03-102-1B
Trypan Blue Solution 5mg/l in saline
Błękit trypanu w roztworze soli
Wielkość opakowania: 100 ml

Producent: Biological Industries (Izrael)

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Trypan Blue is the stain most commonly used to distinguish viable from nonviable cells. Viable cells exclude the dye, while nonviable cells absorb the dye and appear blue. Cells should be in suspension as single cells in buffered saline before counting. Trypan Blue has a higher affinity for serum protein than for cellular proteins, so suspending cells in medium containing serum will generate a dark background.

Counting Cells Using The Hemacytometer Method:>
1. Aseptically withdraw a sample of the cell suspension and prepare 1:2, 1:5, 1:10 or 1:100 dilutions, as required, in PBS. Dilute 1:5 in 0.5% Trypan Blue. The optimal concentration of cells for counting is 5-10x105 cells/ml (50-100 cells per large square) after dilution in the Trypan Blue solution.
2. After being stained with Trypan Blue, the cells should be counted within 3 minutes: after that time the cells will begin to take up the dye.
3. Using a Pasteur pipette, withdraw a small amount of the stained cell suspension and place the tip of the pipette onto the slot of a clean hemacytometer with coverslip. The cell suspension will pass under the coverslip by capillary action. Fill the opposite chamber with the second diluted sample. Do not overfill. Do not lift or move the coverslip.
4. Place the hemacytometer on the stage of an inverted microscope. Adjust focus and power until a single counting square fills the field.

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trypan bluetrypan blueTrypan Blue Solution 5mg/l, 100 ml, 03-102-1B

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