Cell Culture Plate, PS, 96 well, Black, 85.4x127.6mm, Flat Bottom, TC treated, Sterile, SPL, pakowane pojedynczo, karton 50 szt

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Black Plate 96well White plates provide maximum reflection and minimum cross-talk for luminescence assay. Black plates are designed for minimum light scattering and cross-talk during fluorescence assay.▪ HTS (High-Throughput Screening) compatible ▪ Suitable for fluorescence assay, luminescence assay▪ Non-treated for suspension culture (Cat. No. 30396, 30496) ▪ Designed to prevent cross contamination ▪ Effective gas exchange lid inner design ▪ Alphanumeric labeling ▪ Homogeneous cell culture ▪ Flat bottoms ▪ USP guideline compliant (USP class Ⅵ tested) ▪ ANSI guideline compliant▪ Non – pyrogenic▪ Non – cytotoxic▪ DNase / RNase – free▪ Human DNA – free
External Dimension w x l x h (mm) 85.40 x 127.60 x 14.40Plate Color: Black External Dimension(mm): 85.40 x 127.60 x 14.40 Well Dimension(mm): 6.50 x 10.80 Growth Area(cm²):0.33 Total Volume(ml): 0.40 Working Volume(ml): 0.20 Surface Treatment:+ Sterile:+ Packaging:1/50

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