LAST DROP, low retention refill micro tips 2 - 200 μl, (bevelled graduated), 96szt.x 10tacek

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117,00 zł netto

Uniwersalne końcówki, kompatybilne z pipetami różnych producentów. Pakowane na tackach, które mogą zostać od razu umieszczone w pustych pudełkach. Autoklawowalne. Wolne od Dnaz, Rnaz i pirogenów.
Racked Last Drop™ Micro Tips are offered in pre-filled trays that can be directly loaded in the box.Easy to load and remove boxes.Saves time and costs of manual accumulation in empty boxes.More cost effective and economical than racked micro tips.Fits perfectly onto Abdos Micro Tip Box.12 x 8 Array to align the contents in the box.Can be autoclaved when racked.

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