FISH Pretreatment Reagent Kit (CE IVD) - Zestaw odczynników do pretreatmentu, na 20 testów

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FISH Pretreatment Reagent Kit - Zestaw odczynników do pretreatmentu, na 20 testów

[Intended Use]
This kit is suitable for the pretreatment of the sample to be tested, so that the analyte in the sample is released from the combined
state with other substances, in order to facilitate the use of in vitro diagnostic reagent or instrument to be tested on the analyte.

[Working Principle]
Paraffin tissue samples are deparaffinized by non-toxic dewaxing agent, the permeabilizing agent permeabilizes the cells, and the
pepsin enzymatically decomposes the tissue sample to further improve the cell permeability so as to facilitate the qualitative or
quantitative detection of nucleic acids in tissue by fluorescence in situ hybridization

[Main Components]
FISH pretreatment reagent kit components:  

Dewaxing agent 250ml/bottle Bis-amyl (Dipentene), Limonene, mineral oil
Permeation agent 250ml/bottle Distilled water, EDTA
Protease work buffer 250ml/bottle Hydrochloric acid, Distilled water
10x Protease solution 25ml/bottle Pepsin, Distilled water
Washing solution 2x250ml/bottle Sodium chloride, Sodium citrate, Distilled water
CL-003 (CE-IVD)

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