BIO-HRP REMBRANDT® for HPV screening

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Product description:these REMBRANDT® kits for HPV Screening and Typing are supplied with biotin labelled probes and Horseradish-Peroxidase, AEC as method of detection. The HPV Screening kit contains 1 panHPV probe whereas the HPV Typing kit contains 3 HPV probes for types 6/11, 16/18 and 31/33.Contents description:ContentsPepsin digestion reagent Pepsin diluent HPV BIO-DNA probe(s)DISH positive control BIO-oligonucleotide probeDISH negative control BIO-DNA probePanWashAnti BIO-HRP conjugateAEC substrateAEC bufferMethyl green counterstainTBS buffer saltCoated glass slidesCoverslipsPositive control slides1 g15 ml0.8 ml0.8 ml0.8 ml2 x 15 ml15 ml2 ml15 ml15 ml2 pcs50 pcs100 pcs2 pcsStorage: # Assays: 4-8°C25-40

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