Small Molecules for Stem Cell Research

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Small Molecules for Stem Cell Research

Small Molecules for Stem Cell Research

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Nowe produkty do badań w obszarze komórek macierzystych.Pełna lista produktów z opisem dostępna jest na stronie producenta: do zapytań ofertowych: tel. 668 48 11 53
Biological Industries is excited to announce the launch and availability of our new BI small molecules for stem cell research. This new portfolio of targeted small molecules, supplements customers who work with hPSCs and our NutriStem® hPSC Medium as well as in various other applications. These small molecules enhance the pluripotency and maintenance of cells. Constructed from renowned protocols this selection of products will streamline workflows for research in diabetes, neural disorders, and cardiovascular disease to include both animal and human studies. Product highlights: ·         Used in reprogramming, expansion or directed differentiation of stem cells, in in vivo disease models, and survival, ablation, or migration of cancer cells. ·         Provides reproducible results with little batch-to-batch variation in activity. ·         Used as chemical probes to further understand the mechanisms that control developmental potential and cell fate.   Example applications and publications: ·         Using PD0325901, Thiazovivin, and SB431542 in combination, can increase the efficiency of reprogramming human fibroblasts to iPSCs. ( ·         Using ROCK inhibitors Y-27632 and/or Thiazovivin, can increase survival of single hESCs through inhibition of RHO/ROCK signaling. (

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