BIO-HRP Universal DISH Kit

A00 I K.0101
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BIO-HRP Universal DISH Kit

BIO-HRP Universal DISH Kit

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100 testów. Cena na żądanieBIO-AP REMBRANDT&regUNIVERSAL KIT THIS UNIVERSAL KIT FOR DNA IN SITU HYBRIDISATION AND DETECTION IS TAILORED TO BIOTIN LABELLED PROBES IN COMBINATION WITH HORSERADISH PEROXIDATASE AND AEC AS METHOD OF DETECTION.Zestaw zawiera:1. Pepsin digestion reagent: 1g2. Pepsin diluent: 15ml3. DISH positive cintrol BIO-oligo probe: 0,8ml4. DISH negative control BIO-DNA probe: 0,8ml5. PanWash: 2x 15ml6. Anti BIO-HRP conjugate: 15ml7. AEC substrate: 2ml8. Methyl green counterstain: 15ml9. AEC buffer: 15ml.10. TBC buffer salt: 2 szt.11. Coated glass slides: 50 szt.12. Coverslips: 100 szt.Temp. przechowywania: 4-8 st.Strona producenta: !NOWOŚĆ NA POLSKIM RYNKU!

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