BIO-HRP REMBRANDT® Universal RISH & Detection

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BIO-HRP REMBRANDT® Universal RISH & Detection
100 testów. THIS UNIVERSAL KIT FOR RNA IN SITU HYBRIDISATION AND DETECTION IS TAILORED TO BIOTIN LABELLED PROBES IN COMBINATION WITH HORSERADISH PEROXIDASE AND AEC AS METHOD OF DETECTION.Zestaw zawiera:1. Pepsin digestion reagent: 1g2. Pepsin diluent: 15ml3. RISH positive control BIO-oligo probe: 0,8ml4. RISH negative control BIO-oligo probe: 0,8ml5. AEC buffer: 15ml6. Anti BIO-HRP conjugate: 15ml7. AEC substrate: 15ml8. Methyl counterstain: 15ml9. TBS buffer salt: 2 szt.10. Coated glass slides: 50 szt.11. Coverslips: 100 szt.Temp. przechowywania: 4-8 st.Strona producenta:

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