Hanks BSS with phenol red, with Ca, Mg 10x conc., 12x500 ml

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Hank's Balanced Salt Solution 10x concentratedwith Calcium, Magnesium, Phenol red, without phenol redRoztwór Hanksa z czerwienią fenolową 10x stężonyMinimalna ilość zamówienia produktu wynosi 12 sztuk.
Hanks' Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS) is used for a variety of cell culture applications, such as washing cells before dissociation, transporting cells, or diluting cells. Formulations of HBSS with calcium and magnesium are generally used as transport media or for reagent preparation. Biological Industries offers a wide range of HBSS formulations. This HBSS is modified as follows: With: CalciumMagnesiumGlucosePhenol Red  Without: Sodium BicarbonateWielkość opakowania: 500 ml Produkt przeznaczony jest do diagnostyki in vitro. Posiada znak CE.

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