Alsever's Solution, 12x500 ml

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Alsever's SolutionAlsever's Solution is a 1X isotonic balanced salt solution routinely used as an anticoagulant or blood preservative.  Alserver's Solution permits the storage of whole blood at specified storage conditions under refrigeration for up to 10 weeks. The advantage of using Alsever's Solution is its ability to support antigenic life of erythrocytes or red blood cells (RBC's), enabling its use with RBC's panels as well as RBC's drawn for serological investigation.   Features Ready-to-use liquid formulationIsotonic, isoosmoticSuitable for cell culture and hematology applications Sterile-filtered Minimalna ilość zamówienia produktu wynosi 12 sztuk.
Wielkość opakowania: 500 ml Produkt przeznaczony jest do diagnostyki in vitro. Posiada znak CE.

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