Quick Load (PCR Loading Solution) 5X Conc., 5ml

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Quick Load 5X Conc. (PCR Loading Solution), barwa czerwona.A PCR Loading Solution for the direct loading of reaction products onto agarose
Wielkość opakowania: 5 ml Use of Quick Load, which is a 5X loading dye solution containing a PCR compatible dye and an inert densifying agent, has all of the following advantages:· Samples can be visualized while loading· PCR products can be loaded onto agarose gel immediately following amplification· Red dye serves as a marker dye during gel electrophoresis· Saves time· Easy to use· Ideal for 96-well PCR· Non-toxic ingredients Use:1. For a 50μl reaction, take 10μl of Quick-Load solution (20%) and add template, primers, dNTP’s, buffer, enzyme and water in a 40μl volume. If a master mix is prepared, scale up accordingly.2. Folowing amplification, load the PCR products immediately onto agarose gel for electrophresis. Strona producenta: http://www.bioind.com/Htmls/product.aspx?c0=12342&bsp=12130

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