Amber Conical Tube, PP/HDPE, 15ml, RCF 13000xg, Sterile, SPL, 200 szt.

371,46 zł brutto

302,00 zł netto


Conical Tubes are widely used in laboratories from storage of samples to high speed centrifugation. SPL Life Sciences provides very high strength and non-toxic conical tubes to meet the demands.
▪ Tight sealing screw cap▪ External graduations with marking area▪ Packed in zipper bags▪ Polystyrene (transparent) 15 ml conical tubes (Cat. No. 51015, 51115)▪ Skirted, self-standing type (Cat. No. 50250)▪ For high speed centrifugation (Cat. No. 50040)▪ Provided in racks (Cat. No. 50115, 51115, 50150)▪ Amber type (Cat. No. 54015, 54115, 54050, 54150)▪ Non – pyrogenic▪ Non – cytotoxic▪ DNase / RNase – free▪ Human DNA – free

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