Collagen Type I Coated Cell Culture Flask with Filter Cap, PS, 75cm2, Sterile, SPL, 5 szt. w op., 10 szt. w kartonie

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SPLCoatTM offers a number of technologies optimized for enhanced cell attachment and growth of fastidious cells, (e.g., primary cells, neuronal cells, endothelial and tumor cells) which may not easily adhere to or differentiate into specialized cell types on traditional surfaces.SPL Life Sciences provides a wide range of hig-quality Collagen Type I coated products. All Collagen Type I coated products are produced with optically clear and high quality polymers for microscopy.Material: PS Type/Style: Filter Cap External Dimension(mm): - Internal/Well Dimension(mm): - Growth Area(cm²): 75.00 Working Volume(ml): 25.00 External Grip: - Packaging: 5/10
▪ Collagen TypeⅠ(Source: Rat Tail Tendon)▪ No washing required before use▪ Shelf life: 6 months at room temperature

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