Confocal Dish, Adhesion Type, Black, PS/FLux, 35x10mm, 13Ø , Confocal Region 1.33cm3, external grip, TC treated, Sterile, SPL,

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SPL confocal products allow researchers to acquire high resolution microscopic images of cells in 35 mm culture dishes or 6 well plates. Low auto-fluorescence glass and FLux were used, ideal for uses of these products are confocal microscopy, phase contrast microscopy, live cell imaging and micro-manipulations.Surface materials for confocal productsGlass: naturally charged, good growth surface for adherent cellsFLux: surface modified plastic film (188 μm thick), optimal for confocal microscopyType: Adhesion Type Color: Black` Material: PS/FLux                           External Dimension( mm): 35.00 x 10.00              Internal Dimension (mm): 34.30 x 9.30 Hole(mm): 13Ø Confocal Region (cm²): 1.33 Working Volume (ml): 3.00 External Grip: + Surface Treatment: + Sterile:+ Packaging:5/50
▪ Bottom materials: Glass/FLux (no surface treatment for glass bottom)▪ Dish color: Clear/Black▪ Dish size: 35 Ø▪ Plate size: 6well Plate (Cat.No. 30106, 30206, 230106, 230206)▪ Hole size: 13 Ø / 20 Ø▪ Non – pyrogenic▪ Non – cytotoxic▪ DNase / RNase – free▪ Human DNA – free

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