Płytki do hodowli 24 studzienki, z przykrywką, sterylne, TPP, pakowane indywidualnie

Płytki do hodowli 24 studzienki, z przykrywką, sterylne, TPP, pakowane indywidualnie, 126 szt.

1 050,42 zł brutto

854,00 zł netto


Każdy produkt firmy TPP można zakupić także w mniejszej ilości niż pełny karton, na pojedyncze opakowania. Zamówienia na niepełne kartony prosimy składać mailowo: genos@genos.com.pl Tissue Culture Test Plate 24 wells- Płytki do hodowli, 24 studzienki, z przykrywką, sterylne, pakowane pojedynczo.

Our test plates – produced conform to the SBS-3d-standard - exhibit finest workmanship, ease of inscription and uniform growth treatment. The lid has an air-venting system and guarantees a controlled gas exchange. The sloped edge of the lid ensures that it can be placed in one position only on the test plate. The yellow inscription areas support this positioning inasmuch that yellow goes to yellow! The growth area is only available on the spherical base and not on the sides. This causes a flattening of the meniscus and thus a reduction of light scattering. The 96-size is standardized with an interleaved barcode 2/5.

The white base color is embossed firmly on the polystyrene and eliminates the possibility of loss of identification through detachment. The absolutely flat floor area, free from inclusions, guarantees the highest level of transparency. The interleaved barcode 2/5 makes each test plate numerically unique because the 8 digit lot number combined with the 8 digit serial number can never give a repeated ID coding number. The alphanumeric well coordination is inlaid in black and can be clearly recognized at practical distancesAll tissue culture test plates are equipped with an identification mark next to each well. This simplifies orientation during operations under microscopes.


Wszystkie produkty są jałowe, sterylizowane promieniami gamma. Są wolne od pirogenów, RNA DNA, RNaz, DNaz. Stężenie endotoksyn jest minimalne, zdefiniowane.


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