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Cryo tubes 3,8ml - Probówki do mrożenia 3,8 ml PP, 400 szt.

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Cryo tubes 3,8ml - Probówki do mrożenia 3,8 ml PP, 400 szt.

Cryo tubes 3,8ml - Probówki do mrożenia 3,8 ml PP, 400 szt.

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Każdy produkt firmy TPP można zakupić także w mniejszej ilości niż pełny karton, na pojedyncze opakowania.Zamówienia na niepełne kartony prosimy składać mailowo: genos@genos.com.plCryotubes PPSterylne. Samostojace probówki do głębokiego mrożenia (-196 st. C) i autoklawowania (+121 st.C), z nakrętką samouszczelniającą, podziałką i polem do opisu.Objętość: 3,8 ml. 
Cryo tubes are used to store samples in freezers or similar low-temperature equipment. When stored in the gas phase above liquid nitrogen at -196 °C, stress is generated in the tubes. Appropriate design and a high-grade polypropylene material ensure safe handling during and after the unfreezing. With the geometry of the external thread on the tube, a silicone gasket on the lid becomes unnecessary. The gastightness is guaranteed at all times. All cryo tubes are self-standing and have a star foot that allow single-handed operation when used with the cryogenic rack No. 99016 with its star-shaped locking system in the grooves. TPP cryo tubes are supplied in a re-closable strong bag ensuring sterility of the contents. Colour-coding inserts are available in a range of colours and offer convenient marking and identification. A tight fitting recess in the screw cap hinders the inserts from falling out. Recommendation: Do not use cryo tubes for storage in the liquid phase but in the gas phase above the liquefied nitrogen. When extracting the vials from the cryogenic storage system use appropriate safety equipment and procedures. The external threading results in a smooth internal surface that eliminates undue loss of specimen material during removal. In addition to a volume scale there is a marking zone on the side of the tube. Wszystkie produkty są jałowe, sterylizowane promieniami gamma. Są wolne od pirogenów, RNA DNA, RNaz, DNaz. Stężenie endotoksyn jest minimalne, zdefiniowane. W sekcji 'statywy i pudełka' zapraszamy do zapoznania się z pudełkami i statywami na probówki do mrożenia


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