RBC Lysis Solution (RBCL), 100ml

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RBC Lysis Solution Roztwór do lizy czerwonych krwinek podczas izolacji leukocytów z pełnej krwi.Uwaga: nie ma potrzeby stosowania lodu do schładzania krwi z roztworem, co znacznie ułatwia i przyspiesza całą procedurę!
Wielkość opakowania: 100 mlRed Blood Cells (RBC) Lysis Solution is intended for use in isolation of leukocytes from whole blood. RBC Lysis Solution selectively lyses the erythrocytes leaving the leukocytes. The resulting white blood cells can be readily lysed and processed when isolating nucleic acid with EZ-RNA, EZ-DNA or any other method for nucleic acid isolation from whole blood.Storage and StabilityRBC Lysis Solution is stable for two years when stored at 4oC.Protocol1. Use fresh whole blood.2. To 1ml whole blood add 2 ml RBC Lysis Solution.3. Gently mix at room temperature for 5-10 minutes.4. Centrifuge at 300g for 10 minutes.5. Discard supernatant.6. Repeat process if red blood cells are evident in the pellet.

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