BIO-AP REMBRANDT® for Kappa/Lambda RNAs

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BIO-AP REMBRANDT® for Kappa/Lambda RNAs
40 testów. THIS KIT IS SUPPLIED WITH BIOTIN LABELLED PROBES AND ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE AND NBT/BCIP AS METHOD OF DETECTION. Zestaw zawiera:1. Pepsin digestion reagent: 1g2. Pepsin diluent: 15ml3. Kappa BIO-oligo probe: 0,8ml4. Lambda BIO-oligo probe: 0,8 ml5. RISH positive control BIO-oligo probe: 0,8ml6. RISH positive control BIO-DNA probe: 0,8 ml7. Anti BIO-AP conjugate: 15ml8. NBT/BCIP substrate: 15ml9. Nuclear fast red counterstain: 2 szt.10. TBS buffer salt: 50 szt.11. Coated glass slides: 100 szt.12. Coverslips: 2 szt. 13. Positive control slides14. PanWash: 15mlTemp. przechowywania: 4-8 st. Strona producenta:

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