HER2/NEU- Centromere 17 Probe Kit, 20 testów

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The REMBRANDT®fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) Her2/neu – Centromere 17 probe complete kit - for detection of HER2/neu amplification and chromosome 17 polysomy. The kit is suited for use in formalin fixed, paraffin embedded tissue specimen as well as on cytological samples and is intended to be used as an additional tool to other prognostic factors used in breast cancer patients.
20 testów. REMBRANDT® features:- Complete kit containing pre-treatment reagents, probe solution, stringency wash solution, coated glass slides, cover slips and mounting medium sufficient for 20 tests- Bright signals providing easy evaluation and fast scoring- No need for individual tissue optimisation- No need for repeat testing- No need for special filter settings, regular fluorochromes are used as signal source- Highly competitive in quality and price.SpecificityThe specificity of the Her2/neu and Centromere 17 probes was verified by sequencing and assessed on normal lymphocyte metaphase spreads. Metaphase preparations were obtained from different healthy donors and prepared according routine procedure. Prior to FISH, the chromosomes were stained using the GTG-banding method identifying the Her2/neu gene and Centromere17.SensitivityThe sensitivity is highly influenced by fixation. Recommended fixative is 4% buffered formalin other fixatives can lead to DNA degradation and background. DNA is relatively un-sensitive for formalin fixation but the proteins surrounding the DNA are cross-linked by formalin and prevent the DNA probes from reaching the target. The proteins must therefore be removed by extensive pre-treatment procedures which makes the target DNA assessable. In order to reach a high and reproducible sensitivity, the procedure prescribed in the Her2/neu – Cen17 FISH manual should therefore be followed.Strona producenta: www.panpath.nl

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